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This week I am introducing the first of three books that

I wrote in 2010. I am in the process of doing the second

edition with much more information and details than

the first ones that I wrote 10 years ago.


4 or 5 months ago I was praying about rewriting my

story of how I got saved and some other books also.


I was at the mall one day and I ask the Lord again about

should I keep writing my story. As I was walking around

I had forgotten all about the book stuff, but I happened

to walk down to a place I never usually walked to.

Things-To-Do-In-Chiang-Mai, Thailand - Normans Running Wild


As I was walking I looked over at some windows in a

Nike store, and there was only 1 advertising poster

along the whole wall, but it was a big one.


As I looked at it I couldn’t believe my eyes and I read it

again and again.






The first one is about my personal testimony and how I

came to be a believer in Jesus Christ. It is a very

inspiring story and will encourage everyone who will

read it, and it will bring great hope and faith to

everyone who is believing GOD for their families and

loved ones to be saved.


You would not have given me a snowballs chance in hell

of ever becoming a believer in Jesus Christ, and rightly



I was caught up in a time of the 60s and 70s, after I got

out of the Navy I became a drug dealer in southern



Drugs, rock concerts, and parties were my normal

everyday life, but after some time I began to wonder if

there might be something more to life, and if there was,

what could it possible be.


At the same time my mother who had been trying for 10

years to get her husband and 2 sons saved had finally

realized that despite all of her efforts it was not



Then after a horrible car wreck that almost took my

mothers life, some amazing things happened, almost

unbelievable things happened.


So I am putting a link for this free e-book here for you

to read this incredible story. All I ask is that you would

forward it on to others who would be encouraged by my

story, thank you so much.















coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH






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Matthew 7:24-27 Amplified Bible (AMP)

The Two Foundations

24 “So everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts

on them, will be like a wise man [a far-sighted,

practical, and sensible man] who built his house on the

rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods and torrents

came, and the winds blew and slammed against that

house; yet it did not fall, because it had been founded

on the rock. 26 And everyone who hears these words of

Mine and does not do them, will be like a foolish

(stupid) man who built his house on the sand. 27 And

the rain fell, and the floods and torrents came, and the

winds blew and slammed against that house; and it

fell—and great and complete was its fall.”




In the story of the house built on the sand and the

house built on the rock they both looked the same when

the weather was nice and sunny, but when the storm,

the winds, and the rain slammed against the house

house, it was revealed ………………………………………………..


Rock or sand, hearing the word and acting on it, or

hearing the word and not acting on it.


The whole world is in the middle of a great storm right

now, its raining, its flooding, the wind is howling and

blowing against everyone in the world.


Image result for a great storm wind and rain

Fear is on the loose as people are afraid of a killer virus

on the loose, they are stocking up on food, water, toilet

paper, canned and dry goods.

Image result for stocking up for coronavirus

Some peoples hearts will fail them for fear of what is

coming on the world, others will commit suicide over

financial losses.

Image result for stock market crash suicide

Sports, travel, and stores have shut down because of

this storm, the world as it were is slowly grinding to a


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rock or sand


So now comes the great revealing of what people have

built their lives on, acting on and obeying the word of



hearing but not acting on and obeying that word of


sleeping in church

is it over yet

I talked to a friend of mine in the states a few days ago

(I live in Thailand) and was somewhat surprised to hear

that so many Christians are in so much fear now.


I of course am aware that the great majority of

churches in the states have…not been…teaching and

building on the ROCK of hearing the word and acting on



Sad to say they have not even been hearing much word,

but just jokes, feel good stories, and how to HAVE YOUR



Everyone kind of looks the same in the good weather,

but now that the storm is upon us, will our house / life

look the same after the storm that reveals what our life

was really built on?


Will the jokes, feel good stories, and best life now

fantasy’s keep our house up, or will it fall and great will

be the fall.

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I worked in residential house construction and

remodeling most of my life as a general contractor.


The reason some build on the sand is; because it is


easier and faster

to build without a foundation…than it is to take the

time and effort to put one in first.


The foundation is the most important part of the

building, it is what all of the house is resting on, and if

it is not solid then neither is the rest of the house.


It takes time to dig down to solid rock, it takes effort to

build the foundation forms and put them in place, it

takes time, effort, and knowledge to put the steel

reinforcement bars in place to make the foundation


Image result for digging and putting in a foundation

It is hard work to pour the concrete into the forms and

then strip the forms away after the concrete is dry.

Image result for digging and putting in a foundation

By now the person building on the sand has all of the

walls up, the roof on, and is way ahead of the one

building on the rock.

Image result for house on the sand

One way is easy and fast, the other way is slow and

difficult, but when the storm comes, and it is coming to

every house, then it is revealed for all to see what kind

of foundation it was built on, ROCK OR SAND.


I will end with this poem the Holy Spirit spoke to me a

few days ago.
















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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH





Most of the time there are 2 components that bring about radical change in our lives, a crisis and the process.




First comes the crisis, and then comes the process, and

if we don’t complete the process…we then return to the



In my own case there have been more than 1 crisis and

process events that have produced radical change in

my life.


probably the most severe one, was the unexpected

death of my only brother at 52, then a divorce, and a job

loss in just a few months time.


Image result for divorce


You can fill in the blank for the crisis as it can be any

number of things, job loss, sickness, or a death in the

family, among many other things.


For example the whole world is in a crisis as I write

this, its a Corona Virus crisis that is sweeping over the

world with sickness, fear, and death.


After the virus is gone there will be a process of

recovery and many things will have changed radically.

Many companies, industries, and the way we do things

will have changed a lot because of the crisis.




The process that follows is one that is of preparation,

growth, and strengthening.


Take Moses as one of many examples in the Bible, when

He killed the Egyptian and then fled into the wilderness

that was His crisis. Then a process went on for 40 years

before God sent Him back to Egypt.

Image result for moses fleeing egypt

So many things changed for Moses in those 40 years,

that prepared Him for the next 40 years with the

children of Israel in the same wilderness.


In my own process after the death of my brother, the

divorce, and job loss, it was a very difficult process, but

one that ultimately launched me into the ministry and

calling of God in my life.




This crisis is a time of testing, a sorrow, a trial, and it

will show us in whom we really trust, in whom we

really look to for deliverance, and if we will remain in

the safety of the secret place.


This time will show us what we are really made of, if

people come to our house and want to steal our food,

will we gladly give them some, or shoot them at the


Image result for shooting people at the door of house

Will we try to save our own lives, or lay them down for

others knowing that we go to a better place. How will

people react when THEIR BEST LIFE…NOW…IS GONE.


What will people do when the mega self improvement

churches are gone, and they have to face reality and the



This is a time to get everything right, now people will

have more time than ever, to get the EXTRA OIL THAT

































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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


So after 72 editions of my book report on the walk of

the spirit the walk of power……

Image result for the walk of the spirit the walk of power



This is the last edition on this book, and I think by now

that you can see just how extensive this subject of

praying in tongues for edification is.


I think it also is Gods timing, that I can know begin to

minister on some other things, as this world is changing

so fast in 2020.


It seemed to me as we were approaching 2020 that 20 +

20 is 40 and that is the number of testing or probation

in the Bible, and then after that EVERYTHING CHANGES



So as I said before that I believed 2020 would be a year

of great change in all aspects of this world, I just didn’t

think it would happen so fast. But the changes are

already upon us and coming fast, and the wise have

been preparing for years and getting extra oil.


So starting next week I will be addressing what is going

on and what we can do to walk through this valley of

the shadow of death.





My Purging In the Pursuit of Agape

Those six levels are the step-by-step progression God

uses to help bring us to a place of spiritual maturity

where agape love is a way of life. Throughout this

progression, the purging work of the Holy Ghost


Image result for pruning

How do I know? Because the Holy Spirit is still in the

process of purging me. I have prayed and sought God

for more than two decades to understand the price of

revival and of walking in His power. During that time I

have had wonderful visitations from God. But I have

also had times when the devil attacked me right after a

divine visitation, and I found myself one-quarter of the

way down before I was able to turn around and stop the


The Holy Ghost used those difficult times to help me get

a good look at myself, and I didn’t like what I saw. It

was after one of these attacks of the enemy that the

Holy Spirit took me to First Peter 5 to help me

understand what I was going through.


Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of

God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your

care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be

vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring

lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

— 1 Peter 5:6-8

What is the price of revival? The Holy Ghost took me to

this passage of Scripture and said,“This is it.”You see,

the devil is seeking people who are “devourable.” And

according to this scripture,those who fit this category

are people who did not get rid of all their care by

casting it on the Lord.

Image result for roaring lion

They pamper their cares; they bathe in their worries;

they let their anxieties promenade back and forth in

their imaginations until an anthill is an immovable

mountain. Thus, they remain vulnerable prey, easily

devoured by the strategies of the enemy.


But Peter says, “Go ahead and cast all your care on God.

To do so is an act of humility. It is an act of the power of

the Holy Ghost.”

‘After That Ye Have Suffered A While’

Then Peter goes on to say in verses 9 and 10:

Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the

same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren

that are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath

called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, AFTER



When the Holy Spirit first took me to this passage of

Scripture, I thought, What in the world do afflictions

accomplish in a believer?And for the life of me, I

couldn’t understand why the God of all grace would

allow us to suffer for a while

I asked the Lord, “With the devil trying to devour me

and with all these afflictions and trials raging around

me, why didn’t You just reach down and deliver me out

of it all? What did it accomplish for You to let me suffer

awhile before coming in and helping me overcome the


Now I can tell you exactly what afflictions and

persecutions accomplish. These trials cause your

impurities to float to the surface as you progress

toward a life of agape. Nothing will expose those

impurities faster. And notice, you’re not unique in this

uncomfortable experience. The same afflictions are

being accomplished by Christians around the world.

Every believer that desires to go on with God will at

some point experience the purging work that takes

place during a difficult test or trial.


However, it’s important to understand that God doesn’t

send you tests and trials. He said that Satan is the one

who comes to devour through cares, worries, and fears.

But when the devil engages you in conflict and causes

your weak places to be exposed, God expects you to use

the power of His Word to weld those weak places with

truth and make them strong.

Image result for roaring lion

Those difficult times of trial brought things to the

surface that had to be purged from my life so God could

establish, strengthen, and settle me. I didn’t

understand why God was letting me suffer through the

trial at the time, but I do now. I’ve seen the fruit of His

purging work in me!

After Purging, Peace

In the last several years, a deep peace has grown in my

heart that defies description and surpasses


I have found a secret place in the Holy of Holies of my

spirit where I enjoy constant communion with the

Prince of Peace Himself. There in that secret place, He

has explained revelation knowledge to me that I

wanted to understand for years. This peace is an

aggressive weapon against the enemy because nothing

has made me more unmanageable for the devil.

Image result for secret place peace

When this peace began to dominate my life, the

worries, fears,and intimidation I used to operate under

gave way. Those deeds of the flesh literally died

beneath the power of this peace.

Established, Strengthened, Settled

Years ago if you had asked me, “Brother Roberson, what

are you asking God for?” I would have said, “I just want

to be used by God. I want Him to be able to anoint me to

bring about great revival. “I want the kind of revival in

which fifty deaf and dumb people are brought to the

service,and the power of God fills that section until

they jump up yelling, ‘I can hear! I can talk!’ Then those

who were healed infiltrate the city. Within ten days, the

entire city is trying to get into the meeting, and revival

is born! That’s what I want.”

Image result for big tent revival

Then if you had asked, “Do you think you can handle

that kind of anointing, Brother Roberson?” I would

have said, “Yes, I do. All the Lord has to do is give it to

me, and I’ll show you!”

But then the devil began to rage and fight me over this

revival I was desiring. Through the very attack, I was

thankful for the supernatural peace that sustained me.

After I suffered awhile, the impurities started coming

to the surface. I got a good look at a few major faults

and told the Lord, “Okay, God of all grace. I see what

You’re trying to purge out of my life. I will get right on


Did God stand by and let me suffer for a while? Yes, but

only because I had been asking Him to use me, and He

said, “These things are keeping you from being used by


When I asked Him why He didn’t deliver me from my

struggles the first day, He said, “Because you didn’t

believe those things stood between Me and you the first


Afterward, I came to better understand why God

answered my prayer for revival the way He did. He had

to put to death whatever it was in my character that

had given Satan a foothold through intimidation and

fear. Otherwise, right in the middle of revival at the

opportune moment, the devil would have exposed

those weaknesses and used them against me.

Image result for todd bently services

But instead, God stepped in with His grace to establish,

strengthen, and settle me through the purging process

of praying in tongues. I was even ready for some more

purging toward agape love when it was all over.


The truth is, I don’t mind the purging anymore because

of the degree of peace I have attained by yielding to the

Holy Ghost in this process over the years. Besides, I

know God wants to exalt me above all my messy trials.


It isn’t His fault if I have to remain in the fire until I can

see the flesh that still operates in my life. I thank God

for every one of my weaknesses that is exposed by the

turmoil around me.

Image result for cleansing fire

I want the God of grace to step in and deal with those

weaknesses. I don’t want to just keep living with un

purged weaknesses, going through the same suffering

and the same kind of trials year after year because I’m

unaware that they even exist.

I don’t want to take my place in history as one of those

who failed. I want to clean myself up so God can send

revival!I’m too hungry for God to just sit in church, pay

my tithes, and warm a pew with the seat of my pants

every Sunday and Wednesday.

sleeping in church

is it over yet

I desire His highest and best too much to spend the

week on the golf course and then step up to the pulpit

with an intellectual discourse that tickles people’s

fancy. Revival is raging in my spirit. I don’t want to

remain on neutral ground until the devil comes and

steals what I have, making me just a nominal preacher

one step away from not even preaching on prayer



If fasting and praying in tongues will cause my

impurities to surface, so be it. If the progression to

power includes praying in tongues to edify me up above

a carnal, sense-dominated walk,then let’s get on with it.

If the more excellent way to attain God’s highest and

best is to seek after agape, then go ahead, God of grace,

purge everything out of me that keeps me from walking

in love!

If it takes letting me suffer until I can see the problem, I

don’t mind, because I want to be established,

strengthened, and settled. I want to experience even

greater waves of God’s glory!

However, I have decided that I’m not waiting around

for a test or trial to reveal my weaknesses. I found out

that praying divine secrets and mysteries in the Holy

Ghost causes the lit candle of my reborn human spirit

to burn brighter and brighter, illuminating all my dark

places that need to be purged.


If I yield to the Holy Ghost’s work in me, those

weaknesses will come out on their own with-out a

difficult trial. That is called growth and edification on

purpose, just because I want to!

Tongues Will Cease

So the goal is agape, and the means for attaining the

spiritual maturity to walk in agape is tongues for

personal edification.

But notice what Paul says in First Corinthians 13:8:

Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies,

they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall

cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish


Whereas agape love is eternal, tongues will cease when

we leave this earth. Love will cross the barrier of death

and go on to Heaven with you.

But you won’t need to supernaturally speak in any of

the languages of this earth once you’re in Heaven. The

diversities of tongues will cease. The only language you

will speak there is the common tongue of Heaven. You

will be able to walk up to anyone you meet and hold a

conversation with them in perfect clarity.

I remember hearing Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin speak of a

visitation he once had from Jesus Himself.

Witnesses say that Brother Hagin just seemed to be

looking at something they couldn’t see, speaking in an

unknown language. He seemed to be having a

conversation with some-one, because he would speak in

tongues for a moment and then stop to listen as if

someone was answering him.Later those in attendance

at that meeting found out that Brother Hagin had had a

vision in which Jesus stood there and talked to him.

Brother Hagin would hear the unknown language Jesus

spoke as English in his own mind, and then he would

answer back to Jesus in tongues. The two were holding a

conversation in the language of Heaven.

So the time for gaining the benefits of praying in

tongues is now, not after you die and go to Heaven. God

has given you this gift to use in this life for your own

good. But this precious gift will do you no good unless

you let the Holy Spirit create His super-natural

language inside of you and then speak it out of your

mouth. You have to give yourself to praying in tongues

so the Holy Spirit can edify you, purge you, and build

you up on your most holy faith, keeping you in the

agape love of God.

God Can’t Pour Out His Glory On an Unpurged People

Why does God want to set us free from everything that

hinders and binds us in our lives? Of course, He sets us

free so that we ourselves can be blessed.

But also, God wants us to serve humanity. He wants us

to be free from sin so that we can bring the lost to Jesus,

motivated by the agape love of God. We have a Great

Commission to fulfill: And he [Jesus]said unto them, Go

ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every

creature (Mark 16:15).


God wants us to be full of wisdom and empty of sin so

we can offer people the truth in love.You see, God

wants revival on this earth. You don’t have to coax Him.

He isn’t sitting on His throne, saying “Oh, I rather enjoy

sitting on My throne and watching people go to hell. I

just don’t feel like revival. I have a headache and don’t

feel like a big move of My Spirit.”

No, God isn’t like that. He is constantly searching to and

fro for a people to whom He can prove Himself strong.

He wants so desperately to pour out His anointing on

people for the purpose of revival.

But God knows that as soon as He does, Satan is going to

come in with a “mop-up operation” that puts intense

pressure on those operating in God’s power. And those

who can’t stand against the devil’s attacks will wish

they had never been born!


So God pours out His glory in a measure, and that glory

saturates our being. But the only part that makes it to

productiveness is the part that isn’t eaten up by dead

limbs that haven’t been pruned out of our lives. That’s

why it is so crucial that we continually yield ourselves

to the purging work of the Holy Ghost — not just for our

sake, but for the sake of a lost and dying world.

Walk in the Spirit

In this book I have outlined the ability of the Holy Spirit

as He works on the inside of us to guard us against

deception and to help program our spirits with that

very special plan that God has set aside for us.

Sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness crying,

“Pray, please pray!” Long and hard I’ve been crying out,

for God has ordained me to preach on how to walk in

the Spirit and how not to fulfill the warrings and lusts

of the flesh.

Image result for crying in the wilderness

As much as possible, I have been faithful to do so. God

desires to lead you out of a walk dominated by the flesh

into a walk of maturity and son ship. This is His

priority, and it is your option. You have to choose to

accept the leadership of the Holy Spirit. You have to

choose to walk out of a life dominated by the flesh and

into a life dominated by the Spirit.

As God taught me, I have taught you that one of the

major keys to this walk in the Spirit is the edification

that comes to a person who spends any amount of time

at all praying in the Holy Ghost.

So are you going to pray in tongues a little more than

you used to? A lot more? If you are,then watch out, my

friend, because you’re going to take your place in

history! You’re going to find God’s compassion. You’re

going to find His power. You’re going to find His plan.

The time is short, so don’t delay in your quest to unlock

the greatest mysteries of all time— the mind of God for

mankind, for your generation, and for your own

personal life!

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Agape Love by Willpower Alone?


We will never walk in agape love to the fullness that

God intends by the strength of our own willpower. For

instance, have you ever noticed that people can only be

nice for so long to a person who is getting on their

nerves before their will snaps? Then they say, “Get out!

Get out of my house!” They stretched their will as thin

as they could stretch it — and when it broke, there went

their ability to act nice!


Image result for get out of my house

It’s easy to fantasize about agape. We can get this

faraway look in our eyes and quote,“Though I give my

body to be burned and give away all my goods to feed

the poor, but have not love….” But there is a deadly,

knock-down-drag-out fight for our lives out there in the

world, where people try to destroy other people and the

devil is out to destroy everyone. The prospect of

walking in agape love doesn’t look as nice and easy out

there as it does in church while we are under the


Image result for friendly in church

Do you want to be just like Jesus? You may say, “Oh, yes,

I want to raise the dead, be the head of a big

organization, and become the best preacher in the

world. Oh, yes, I want to be just like Jesus.”

Okay, then, Jesus says to owe no man anything but to

love him (Rom. 13:8).

What does that mean? Well, it doesn’t matter how many

payments I make on my debt of love to you, I can never

pay that debt in full. You could slap me on the cheek,

and I would turn the other cheek. You could

despitefully use me, and I would pray for you. You

could hate me,and I would do good for you.

Image result for slap on the other check

Those are all descriptions of agape. No matter how

many times you “do me ugly” and I in turn make

another payment of love to you, agape will keep me in

your debt.

Another thing about Jesus — He seeks not His own. And

He says that if a man sues you for your car, you are to

go fill it up with gas, polish it, and get it tuned. Then tell

the man, “I am giving this to you in the Name of Jesus. I

want you to know that you didn’t take it from me,

because the only thing that is taken from me is what

God allows. And if He allows it, I sow it. I’m sowing this

car to you, so I polished it, tuned it, and filled it up with

gas. The devil is stealing nothing from me.”


It is nice to admire someone who walks in enough

agape love to do something like that. But how do you

get to that place in your spiritual walk?

You might as well face it — you aren’t going to make it

to agape unless you find some way to let the Holy Ghost

purge you of anything that is contrary to agape love in

your life. If I were you, I would take His way!

The Progression to Agape

We have seen that in First Corinthians 12:28, the

government of God begins with the office of the mighty

apostle, the first operation, and ends with the

diversities of tongues, the eight hand final operation of

God. Then in First Corinthians 13:1-3, Paul reverses the


Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels,

and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or

a tinkling cymbal.

Image result for tinkling cymbal

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand

all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all

faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not

charity, I am nothing.

Image result for removing mouintains faith

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and

though I give my body to be burned, and have not

charity, it profiteth me nothing.

Image result for burned at the stake

Starting with the eighth operation of diversities of

tongues, Paul builds us through six phases all the way

through mountain-moving faith and ultimate giving to

agape love.

So because the subject of agape love is so dominant in

First Corinthians 13, we have missed the sequence or

the step-by-step progression that would eventually

build us up through six levels of spiritual maturity and

deliver us to agape love.

At this point, you may be saying, “I’d sure like to see

that reversed order you’re talking about, Brother

Roberson.” Well, let’s take the first three verses of First

Corinthians 13 phrase by phrase and find out what Paul

was really saying. As we do, we’ll discover the divine

progression to agape love.

Six Steps to Spiritual Maturity

There are six distinct levels of spiritual maturity listed

in these first three verses that the Holy Spirit will work

in the life of any believer who will spend time praying

in the Holy Ghost.

Level One: Let’s look at verse 1 again:


ANGELS, and have not charity, I am become as

sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

When we received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and

began to speak with tongues, it automatically qualified

us for the first level of spiritual maturity, the unlimited

accessibility to tongues.


The term “tongues of men” refers to the supernatural

empowerment of the Holy Spirit to preach in any

language on the face of the earth of which we have no

previous knowledge.“Tongues of angels” is talking

about the language used in Heaven. I suspect that most

of the time we are speaking the language of angels

when we pray in tongues to edify ourselves and to pray

out the mysteries of God’s plan for our lives.

This verse isn’t discrediting tongues for the sake of

love. In essence it is saying this: Even though I am

baptized in the Holy Spirit and have the ability to speak

with other tongues, it will do me no good unless I begin

to employ that gift to build myself up on my most holy

faith, praying in the Holy Ghost and keeping myself in

the love of God (Jude 20,21).

There are multitudes of church congregations who

have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak with

tongues, yet the people are full of strife and

unforgiveness. And I have personally known so-called

Spirit-filled people who would destroy a person at the

drop of a hat.

Image result for fighting in church


So a person can speak with tongues, but those tongues

will not profit him unless he yields to the Holy Spirit’s

purging work that will deliver him to agape. It is

impossible to pray in tongues for extended periods of

time and not undergo change.

Level Two:Then in verse 2, it says this:

And though I have THE GIFT OF PROPHECY,and


and though I have ALL FAITH, SO THAT I COULD

REMOVE MOUNTAINS, and have not charity, I am


Somehow praying in tongues produces in us the second

level of maturity, which is the use of the gift of


As you pray out the mysteries of Christ in your

spirit,God begins to answer them. Suddenly the Holy

Spirit latches on to one of those mysteries, pulls it out

of your spirit, and reveals it to your intellect so you can

release it through prophecy.

Image result for prophosying

Level Three: As we continue to pray in tongues, we will

attain the third level of spiritual maturity through the

understanding of divine secrets or mysteries.

Level Four: The revelation of these mysteries will come

alive and begin to operate in our spirit, producing in us

the understanding and accumulation of knowledge, the

fourth level of spiritual maturity.

Somehow, then, as the mysteries of Christ are revealed

to me — the mystery of healing, the mystery of

righteousness, the mystery of love — I begin to erect

pillars in my spirit. As I pray mysteries up before the

Father, God answers those prayers by a supernatural

imparting of divine insight. Every time the Holy Spirit

causes me to understand a mystery, one more pillar of

that superstructure is erected.

Image result for pillars

One pillar is erected by a revelation of righteousness,

another by a revelation of peace, and still another by a

revelation of agape love. Finally, the entire edifice is

framed through praying mysteries in the Holy Ghost.

It is a combination of all these divine secrets revealed

to my spirit that will eventually construct an entire

library of knowledge, an edifice full of the revelation

knowledge of Jesus on the inside of my spirit. And

whenever I want to, I can reach in and pull out any

volume that I need!

Image result for library

Level Five: So the mysteries are prayed in pillars, but

the building constructed is knowledge. It is the

understanding of all these mysteries filling your inner

library of knowledge that produces the capacity for

mountain-moving faith in your heart as you are

transformed by the Word of God. This is the fifth level

of spiritual maturity.

It is the combination of praying in the Holy Ghost and

the meditation of God’s Word that produces the kind of

faith that moves mountains. Why? Because faith comes

by hearing the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit is the

One giving divine insight into the Word through the

supernatural language of tongues.

At this level, Jesus said that nothing shall be impossible

to you!

Level Six: First Corinthians 13:3 gives us the sixth level

of maturity:

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and

though I give my body to be burned, and have not

charity, it profiteth me nothing.

Somehow our praying in tongues will help produce in

us the capacity for agape giving.

I always wondered how a person could bestow all their

goods to feed the poor and give their body to be burned,

yet still not have the agape kind of love. Then the Holy

Spirit revealed the answer to me.


Some Christians live off the self-exaltation that comes

from putting their giving on display.They even delight

in extreme sacrifices — especially the kind that puts

their humility on public display to be admired by men.

Some have even made the ultimate sacrifice of losing

their lives for the wrong reasons.

I finally began to understand that sometimes it takes a

lot more to stay and labor your entire life for the

Gospel’s sake than it does to die and go home to be with

the Lord. Agape love would rather be a living sacrifice

than a dead martyr.


I cringe inside when I think of how many times I have

given into an offering because of the lust of my flesh. It

wasn’t the preacher’s fault. I was the one who saw the

Cadillac in my mind and gave him my dollar to make

sure I would get it. But the Bible says that if I don’t give

out of agape love, it simply will profit me nothing.

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However, when agape love becomes the basis for our

giving, God cannot and will not let us down, for love

never fails





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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH






Image result for purging dead limbs


The Purging Before the Power


With great intensity I sought God for years for the gifts

that would equip me for my call. I would pray, “Oh,

Lord, please use me in Your power.

I’ll fast and pray — I’ll do anything I have to do so You

can move through me in Your power!” You see, since

the day I was born again, God’s call has raged on the

inside of me. Every time I get lost in the Holy Ghost

while I am in prayer, I see the Spirit of God moving in

revival. I see people running to the altar to be born

again and great miracles happening everywhere, such

as missing limbs growing out and eyes popping into

empty eye sockets.

Image result for healing crusade

This vision follows me; whenever I lapse into the Spirit,

I see it. It is a driving force. And I have determined that

I will keep yielding myself to the Holy Spirit until one

day I see with my own eyes the Presence of God move in

my life and ministry with magnificent glory beyond my


So for years I sought God earnestly — begging, fasting,

and praying for an anointing powerful enough to cause

great revival. But I can testify now that had He

delivered to me what I was pressing Him for, it would

have destroyed me. There were faults and character

flaws that still had to be purged. If God had given me

the power before the purging, my life and ministry

would have eventually been destroyed.


This was actually the case for many men of God in the

past. They sought God and His power with just such

intensity, but then hidden weaknesses began to surface

as they yielded to the deceiving strategies of the enemy.

For instance, Alexander Dowie was so greatly used in

the miracle power of God at the turn of the century that

he was able to form an entire city called Zion outside of

Chicago with ten thousand of his followers. God’s power

operating through Dowie’s ministry caused raging

revival. But eventually Dowie began to believe that he

was the Elijah to come. That deception led to the

downfall of his ministry.

Image result for alexander dowie meetings

Learning To Hate Whatever Hinders

So instead of immediately answering my intense,

fervent prayers for an anointing that would cause

revival, God told me to pursue conforming myself to

agape love with that same intensity and fervency. He

assured me that as I pursued love, I would also be

pursuing His power in a more excellent way.

So I began to pursue agape love, and I learned to hate

those things that were wrong in my life with more

fervency than I had ever hated them before. It was a

godly anger that preceded their purging.

You see, when you get to the place where you hate with

an intensity those faults you know are keeping you

from a close walk with God, you will finally do

something about it.


So in pursuit of the most excellent way, I made it my

quest to conform to the agape kind of love. But my

efforts seemed to achieve the opposite results. The

more I learned about love, the more my knowledge

magnified the things that were wrong in my life. It left

me in a hopeless state, believing that I was the most

miserable of creatures who would never be able to

walk in the level of agape outlined in First Corinthians




I didn’t understand that the Holy Spirit was bringing to

the surface for purging anything that the devil could

use to destroy me in my pursuit of agape. It was all a

part of the process to help me become yielded enough

to God for the full equipping of the office He has called

me to. I also didn’t know about the progression to

power outlined in this same chapter that would deliver

me to the agape love I was pursuing.

Agape Isn’t Learned Overnight

You see, all of us preachers love to preach on this

thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians.We love to

major on this agape kind of love.

Image result for 1st corinthians 13

Agape love doesn’t behave itself seemingly. It seeks not

its own, asking no recompense or reward for services

rendered. It isn’t given based on the reaction of the

other person. It isn’t easily provoked. It thinks no evil.

It rejoices not in iniquity but rejoices in the truth. It

bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,

endures all things.

This love never fails; you will take it to Heaven with

you. Tongues will cease. Prophecies will cease.

Knowledge will vanish away. You won’t need any of

these. But you will cross that heavenly border and

enter the Presence of God with agape.

Oh, yes, we preachers love to talk about agape love. We

break down the word in the Greek; we paint a picture

of this perfect Christian who is not easily provoked.

Then the next day we counsel someone, “Oh, yes, you

have your rights. Sue them!” God help us! We get so

engrossed in the subject of love in First Corinthians 13

that we miss the sequence of power that delivers us



We think that we can preach on agape love one day, and

the next day everyone who heard the message is going

to be perfect and nice to each other. They won’t act ugly

anymore. There won’t be any more criticizing,

backbiting, throwing of fits, or stomping out of the

room in a temper tantrum.

We tell the people, “You shouldn’t do that sort of thing,”

and then assume that everyone will just automatically

stop. Why do we assume that? It seems like most of us

preachers were born yesterday!


When you start understanding all that agape love

encompasses, you realize that most Christians don’t

walk in this kind of love on a daily basis. Most never

will. That kind of love is difficult to conform to if you

have even an ounce of flesh that hasn’t been mortified.

So it is one thing to preach about this agape and say

that once we conform to it, we will never fail. But it is

another thing to understand the process by which we

can conform to that kind of love.


This process is what we have missed. It is a progression

through the edification of tongues that leads us to a

place in the Spirit where we are finally strong enough

to yield totally to agape love.

Image result for purging dead limbs










coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH






Image result for perfect love casts out fear





As you clothe yourself with your new man by giving

yourself to the Word and to prayer, the Holy Spirit

through your spirit edifies, purges, and develops your

character until everything you say, think, or do is

governed by agape. Let’s look at First John 4:17,18 to

learn more about this powerful force.

Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have

boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so

are we in this world.

There is no fear in love; but PERFECT LOVE CASTETH


feareth is not made perfect in love.

Teenager holding a bible

That word “herein” points us to the next verse, which

tells us how we will know when love is being perfected

in us. Herein is God’s love perfected in us: Perfect love

casts out fear, for fear has torment. So when we find

ourselves being purged from torment and fear, then

love is being perfected in us.


Image result for torment and fear

For instance, if you decided to sue me, how could I

extend mercy to you if I had fear and torment about the

outcome of the situation? But when love has been

perfected in me, I know I can’t lose. Oh, you may take

everything I possess at the time, but Luke 6:38 says that

my Father is going to restore it all back to me, pressed

down, shaken together, and running over.He’ll give me

more than I had before!

Image result for more material things

So what is the sign that I am drawing nigh unto God and

approaching agape love? It is this: Along the way, I am

shedding torment and fear as I enter into rest and


Image result for rest and refreashing

I used to think love was a feeling, but it isn’t a feeling. I

used to think love was an attitude that would help me

survive through dealing with the unlovable. But it isn’t

an attitude either.

Image result for unlovable people

Encompassed within agape is an abiding presence of

peace. As you grow close to God and His love is

perfected in you, that peace begins to dominate as fear

and torment lose their hold.That is the first sign that

you are being purged from phileo to agape.

As a minister, I wish I could open up your heart and

just put agape in you in such strength that you would

forever lose all the torment and fear that has plagued

your life. I understand the process by which you can

attain that goal, but all I can do is teach you about it.

I can hammer it into your intellect. As much as

possible, I can teach with the anointing of God straight

to your spirit. But I can’t make that process toward

perfect love take place in your life.


However, if I can talk you into giving yourself to

praying in the Holy Ghost, then you will cause that

process to begin in your own life. You will start to edify

and build yourself up in your inner man through the

power of the Holy Spirit.


Then the Holy Spirit will begin the mortification

process by building up your inner man to purge all

those insecurities, intimidation’s, carnalities, and lusts

that have hindered your life.This is how God’s love is

perfected in you. As the Holy Spirit edifies your new

nature, torment and fear begin to fall off you and you

draw close to agape.

Covet Earnestly Agape Love

To discover more about the role of praying in tongues

in moving us toward a fuller revelation of agape love in

our lives, let’s take a look at First Corinthians 13, the

great “love chapter” of the Bible.

First, let’s look at this chapter in context to the chapters

that surround it. First Corinthians12 is a magnificent

chapter dealing with the eradication of ignorance

concerning the spiritual gifts, operations, and

government of God. Chapter 14 is a most phenomenal

explanation of spiritual forces as pertains to praying in


So Paul goes from a discussion of the government of

God to an explanation of the operation of the Spirit and

of tongues. Then he nestles First Corinthians 13 in

between these two chapters. But first, he makes a

profound statement:

But COVET EARNESTLY the best gifts: and yet shew I

unto you A MORE EXCELLENT WAY.— 1 Corinthians


Paul was saying in essence, “I want to show you a more

excellent way. If you want to save yourself a lot of

trouble, then you need to covet this kind of agape love

with everything in you the same way you covet the best


Just how important is it to pursue agape love? Paul

makes this statement in First Corinthians 13:13:

And now abideth faith, hope, charity [agape love],


Image result for the greatest is love

If I had been the one to choose, I probably would have

said that faith is the greatest thing, followed by hope.

Hope encompasses the time you spend feeding yourself

with God’s Word,which causes your faith to manifest.

But Paul says, “Greater than faith and greater than

hope is self-denying agape.” That means there is

nothing more important in your life to covet and

earnestly desire than agape love.

The word “covet” in this verse is just as strong in

meaning as it is in the Ten Commandments, where it

says, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife” (Exod.

20:17). When this word is used as an emotional

negative, it means a lust so powerful that it consumes a

man, causing him to relentlessly pursue what he covets

until it takes over his entire character.


But when “covet” is used in a godly sense, it means

pursuing something God wants you to have with a

heartfelt hunger until you apprehend it.


I never had a problem with coveting earnestly the best

gifts. I have fasted, I have prayed— I have done

everything I knew to do in order to be qualified for God

to use me.

So it came as a shock to me when God spoke to my

spirit, saying, “Go ahead and lust after My gifts with

everything that is in you. But I’m going to show you a

more excellent way to covet after the best gifts.”

I said, “God, You have the audacity to say that after I

have spent my life in fasting and praying and coveting

after Your best and highest, You are going to show me a

more excellent way?” The answer to that was yes, God

did have the audacity, and yes, He was going to show

me a more excellent way!

In Paul’s original epistle to the Corinthians, there was

no division between chapters 12 and 13. So right after

Paul’s statement about coveting the best gifts and

showing the Corinthians a more excellent way, he goes

on to introduce the subject of love: Though I speak with

tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity… (1

Cor. 13:1).

In other words, the most excellent way to covet

earnestly the best gifts is to go after agape with that

same intensity. When you do, you will be pursuing and

coveting the best gifts God has for you in the most

powerful manner possible.

What are the “best gifts”? Well, you are called to fill one

of the eight operations of God. For you, the best gifts

are those that qualify you for the office or operation

you are called to fulfill.

no limits 1 081


Until next time


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