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The Divine Progression To Agape Love


I consider it the utmost honor to spend an hour in God’s

Presence with the third Person of the Godhead as He

creates a supernatural language on the inside of my

spirit. Why? Because with every syllable I speak in that

language, the Holy Spirit is working a miraculous trans-

formation within me.


You see, years ago I thought tongues for personal

edification had to do strictly with speaking mysteries

and divine secrets and building myself up with

revelation knowledge. Only later did I find out that it

has just as much to do with purging me so I can learn to

walk in agape love — the kind of love that seeks not its

own and denies itself on behalf of others.


Agape vs. Phileo Love

I have no higher goal in life than to learn how to walk

in this God-kind of love, so I want to know more about

it. I know a lot about “phileo” love, but I want to know

about agape.

I have yoked myself to Jesus, whom John revealed when

he said, “God is love” (1 John4:16). Jesus doesn’t just

love us; He is Love. He is incapable of anything else but

love. That’s why we haven’t understood Him the way we

should — because we haven’t understood agape love.

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We usually don’t have trouble with phileo love. Phileo

can be a strong love, but it has its own interests at

stake, as well as those of the one loved. It’s more of a

conditional love that says, “I can love you if somehow

you bring me pleasure” or “I will love you, but I want

something back from you.”

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So most of us know how to love people with phileo love.

But we haven’t done very well at walking in agape.

Agape is a self-denying love. Its total focus is the

interests and welfare of the beloved.

Phileo love may send me to war because I love my

country. I may even give my body to be burned for the

hope of a better life for my children. I will sacrifice my

life on that altar.


But if agape love goes to war, it is with higher motives. I

may still sacrifice my life so my children can live free

from threat of harm. But at the same time I have the

enemy soldier on my heart. My prayer is that the war

would cease and that my enemy would be born again.

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Most marriages are based on phileo, not agape. The

spouses love each other for what they can receive from

each other. If marriages were always based on God’s

selfless, agape kind of love, there would be no more


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Agape Love Is Merciful

Agape love says, “Be merciful just as your Heavenly

Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36). How merciful is our

Heavenly Father? Well, you and I were lost and headed

for hell. We had nothing to bargain with. We had

absolutely no right to approach God. We were not

capable of bridging the gap on our own.


But God had mercy on you and me. We didn’t deserve

and couldn’t earn His mercy; we had no way to

approach an infallible God. But He approached us in

His mercy. He crossed that void with Jesus’ blood.

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So how do you obey Jesus’ command to be merciful

even as the Father is merciful? Jesus provided the

guidelines in Luke 6:27-38.

When someone sues you for your coat, you give him the cloak you are wearing. When he slaps you on the cheek, you turn the other cheek. When he takes away your goods, you give him more than he asked for. When he despitefully uses you, you pray for him and forgive him. When he hates you, you keep walking in love.

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Why? Because you are having mercy on him. You are

bridging the gap with the blood of Jesus when the

person doesn’t deserve it. That is agape!

The result of walking in this agape kind of love is

revealed in Luke 6:38:

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same mea-sure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Jesus was saying this: “If you will be children of the

Most High, who is merciful even to the evil and the un-

thankful, and give agape love to others, then My Father

will restore what ever you may have lost — pressed

down, shaken together, and running over. While the

thief is taking your money out the back door because

you extended mercy, My Father will march in the front

door with agape and restore to overflowing all that you

lost!” That’s why agape cannot fail(1 Cor. 13:8)!

However, walking in agape love is easier said than

done. For most of us, if someone came against us with a

lawsuit, our first reaction would be, “Oh yeah? Well, go

ahead and sue me— but you’ll know that you have been

to court, buddy!”

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So how do we ever attain that place of agape where we

are merciful just as the Father is merciful? The

Scriptures teach us that praying in tongues is a major

key to help purge us as we journey through a

progression of steps toward the agape kind of love.

Feeding the Seed of Agape Through Prayer

Even though God has planted the nature and force of

agape love in your spirit, it may be so repressed and so

dominated by your soulish emotions that you hardly

know it exists inside of you. But when you pray in

tongues, you bypass the operation of the physical soul

and throw a lifeline to your spirit.


Soon the edification process starts feeding that seed of

agape in your heart, causing it to germinate and grow.

The force of love in your spirit grows bigger and bigger

until one day, it dominates the emotions of the soul

instead of the other way around. This is called taking

off the old man and putting on the new.


That ye put off concerning the former conversation the

old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful

lusts;And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And

that ye put on the new man, which after God is created

in righteousness and true holiness.Eph. 4:22-24

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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH






Assimilating the Word Into the Soul




Your soul was created to assimilate. For example, if you

moved to a country where people spoke a language you

didn’t know, you would begin to assimilate that

language just by being in constant contact with its use.

Your entire soul would kick in to cause you to learn that

language automatically. You wouldn’t have to

deliberately sit down with a tape that told you to say

“Thank you” or “How are you” in that language over

and over until you finally memorized it.

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In the same way, you can approach God’s Word in such

a manner that your soul — your intellect, will, and

emotions — automatically assimilates it and then

begins the process of transforming you according to its


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For example, some men in my church who are called to

helps asked me what books of the Bible they should

meditate on in order to excel in their particular calling.

As businessmen, one of their main concerns was that

they could learn to possess money without money

possessing them.


So I told them, “Take the Book of Proverbs and read it

fifty times. Read it deliberately and precisely,

acknowledging what is in each verse. You may not

understand what the verse means, but at least

understand what it says.

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“If you run across a word you don’t know, look it up in a

dictionary so that the next time you see it, you’ll know

what it means. But don’t do any studies or cross

referencing. Just read the Book of Proverbs fifty times.”

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Why did I instruct those men to do that? Because by the

time they read Proverbs at least fifty times, they would

have assimilated the entire book into their soul!

Perhaps there are three verses — one in chapter 2, one

in chapter 5, and one in chapter 9— that will give them

understanding of a verse in chapter 14. But it won’t

come together for them until they’ve read the book fifty

times and assimilated it into their soul.

You see, when you read a book of the Bible over and

over, you set yourself up for day-and-night meditation.

You are feeding your spirit the raw material that the

Holy Ghost needs to illuminate the entire book for you!

Eventually the central theme will be born in you. Then

all satellite verses will be pulled in, along with the

understanding of how they relate to each other.


Understanding how verses relate to one another in a

passage of Scripture is an important part of the

meditation process. One of the first things the Lord

taught me regarding meditation was never to take a

verse out of context.

If there is a verse I’m trying to understand, the Holy

Spirit alerts me to find where the subject of the verse

begins and ends and then to read over that passage

many times. In this way,I assist Him in my meditations.

The assimilation process will happen automatically,

even when you go to sleep. For instance, suppose you

read First John one hundred times. (By the way, that’s a

good beginning assignment for offering your soul for

meditation. Anything in you that doesn’t love people

will go to war against that book!) Then suppose that

soon afterward, someone wronged you in someway, and

you made a mountain of forgiveness out of a molehill of


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The mind of God that you assimilated from First John

will help you sort out what is and what is not important

while you sleep. It will magnify the truth you

assimilated regarding God’s love and level that

mountain of forgiveness.

That’s what I mean by day-and-night meditation. The

assimilation process will happen automatically, just as

it does when learning a new language in a country

where everyone speaks that language but you.

Your soul was designed to transform you to whatever

you subject it to the most. If it’s anew language that

everyone is speaking but you, you will automatically

begin to learn it. And if you’re giving yourself to

praying in the Holy Ghost and to the Word — reading it,

speaking it, rolling it over and over in your mind —

then your spirit man will automatically begin to be

illuminated by the revelation knowledge of God’s truth!

Teenager holding a bible

These guidelines I’ve given you for praying in the Spirit

are by no means exhaustive. They are just signposts

pointing the way to a more effective prayer life.

Remember, your key to unlock divine mysteries is

praying in tongues, your destination is God’s perfect

will for your life, and your Helper throughout the

journey is the Holy Spirit living within.




Continue seeking My face so you can go from death to

death [of the fleshly nature]and from glory to glory.You

will see wonderful, wonderful things take place. Not

only will you be in the planting, but you will also be in

the harvest. For I have spoken, and it shall be so. So I

give you the keys, and I call. Come. Come. Come.Come,

saith the Spirit of Grace. (word given thru Dave)






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