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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


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I’ll tell you another good reason why it’s so important

not to give up on prayer when you reach an impasse.

You’ll never be able to stand in the gap for others the

way God intends if you remain an unpurged vessel.

Before we can enter deeply into intercession, we must

experience a certain degree of mortification of the

flesh nature. Intercession requires dedication,

determination, and endurance.Generally, each of these

attributes is contrary to the flesh.



Why Prayer Groups Often Fail


That’s why so many prayer groups fail, even though

they begin with the best of intentions. Most people who

join a prayer group don’t possess stamina,

commitment, or dedication. In fact,what they usually

have is a whole boatload of excitement and a ton of

character flaws!

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These people join a prayer group thinking that they’ll

spend the time pulling down great spiritual strongholds

over the city as they pray in tongues. But in reality, all

they are really doing in the beginning is edifying

themselves, not interceding for others.

If they stick with it, this edification process will cause

the character flaws that have hindered them in the past

to surface. The Holy Spirit will bring them face to face

with the root that has borne the bad fruit — in other

words, the works of the flesh in their lives that have

caused them not to be a good mama, a good daddy, a

good provider, etc. Raging tempers may arise in those

who seemingly never had that kind of temper before.

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But the capacity for these fleshly traits was there all

along; praying in tongues just caused them to surface.

Now it is up to the people to continue in prayer,

allowing the Holy Spirit to edify their reborn spirit

until it is able to purge the very root of those traits

away. If the prayer group members don’t deal with

these revealed faults, soon they will disband over petty

arguments, false doctrines, or just plain selfishness. But

if they’ll keep on praying, the Holy Spirit will finally get

them to the place where He can take the emphasis off

their personal edification and release His power

through them on behalf of others.

Teenager holding a bible

So the devil works on keeping believers in a state of

carnality. Many churches remain in that state, always

fighting each other, always in turmoil. In that state of

carnality, believers are not qualified for intercession,

because they don’t care enough that sick children are

dying.They don’t care that multitudes are going to hell.

They are too concerned about their own rights.

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We should desire to be great intercessors. God wants to

place us between hell and those who are trying to get

there. But first we must desire to mortify the deeds of

the flesh.



Stand Steadfast in Intercession


However, we must remember that we cannot actively

pray for the salvation of souls and for revival without

attracting the devil’s attention. Paul warned us about

an impending war in Ephesians 6. He said, “Look, we

don’t wrestle against flesh and blood; we aren’t fighting

with a sword or a spear. But the war is just as real. We

wrestle against principalities, against powers, against

rulers of darkness of this world, and against spiritual

wickedness in heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12).

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Therefore, you have to determine to stand steadfast in

intercession, cooperating all the time with the Holy

Spirit’s mortification process that continues within. As

you edify and build yourself up on your most holy faith,

praying in the Holy Ghost, you will attain a place in the

Spirit where God can literally pour the deep

intercessional groanings through you. That’s when

incredible, mega-amounts of Holy Ghost power begin to

be released.


The amount of spiritual activity that goes into

operation when God’s power is delivered to a person to

genuinely stand in the gap is phenomenal. This kind of

power authorizes a host of angels to take legal action in

others and in your affairs to ward off catastrophes and

change circumstances.

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But this level of intercession also attracts powers and

principalities to challenge your authority. These

demonic powers will move in on you with the

vengeance of a freight train.Their target will be any

weaknesses or character flaws that they can use to stop

and destroy you, such as your susceptibility to ungodly

lusts or just plain procrastination.

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That’s the reason the months and months of edification

through praying in tongues are so important. During

that time, the Holy Spirit edifies your reborn human

spirit to put to death any forces of the flesh giving the

devil authority and power to hinder and control your

life. He builds your spirit to such a place of spiritual

maturity that the enemy can’t stop you.

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Once you have reached that place of enduring prayer,

the Holy Spirit will begin to activate incredible waves

of glory — power that floods over your soul in the form

of supernatural joy and hilarious laughter.

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These waves of glory are enjoyed by people who have

mastered the art of enduring prayer and are being used

by God to rescue others from physical disaster or

eternal hell. The super-natural joy and laughter is a

report from the realm of the Spirit that faith has

obtained the answer; something has changed, and it

will soon be manifested in the natural realm.


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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


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Are you weary from a long, inner battle? Have

imaginations and high things exalted them-selves

against the knowledge of God in your life? Have

uncaptivated thoughts taken their toll until you feel

mentally exhausted? Is it a struggle just to drag

yourself to church, much less take a step further and

begin to daily worship Him in private? Do your

emotions say, “I’m worn out. I have sat in church most

of my life, but I’m approaching the point where I don’t

care anymore”?

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Well, Isaiah 28:11,12 says speaking in other tongues is

the rest and the refreshing that causes the weary to


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For with stammering lips and another tongue will he

speak to this people.To whom he said, This is the rest

wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is

the refreshing: yet they would not hear.

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Praying in tongues is a priceless gift that God has given

us so we can feel rested and refreshed right in the

middle of a very imperfect world!

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Jesus said, “Why don’t you take My yoke upon you and

learn of Me?” (Matt. 11:29). What is that yoke that He’s

talking about? Well, remember — Jesus is meek and

gentle. The yoke He asks you to take upon yourself is

not trudging through life with the great burden of the

Gospel on your shoulders. The yoke He asks you to take

is the responsibility to learn of Him.

When people used oxen for plowing their fields, they

always broke in a young ox by yoking him up with an

old, experienced ox. If that young ox didn’t want to

turn at the end of the row,the old ox would turn him

anyway. If the young ox didn’t want to plow, the old ox

would drag him along. If the young one wanted to quit

at three o’clock instead of four o’clock, the old one

would push him to go further.

Image result for old ox yoked to younger ox

That’s what Jesus will do for us when we’re yoked up to

Him. So just buckle that yoke around your neck, and

remember: It’s a double yoke, and the other end is

around Jesus. If you will yoke yourself to Him and

determine to learn of Him, you will find that His ways

are gentle, peaceful, and powerful.

Jesus said, “My yoke is to learn of Me” — and one way to

do that is through the rest and refreshing of praying in



Stay in There!


Now, of course, the choice is yours. You don’t have to

pray in tongues at all. God loves you,accepts you, and

will do all He can for you at whatever level of

Christianity you may be.

sleeping in church

is it over yet

But if you want to draw closer to God — if you want to

put to death the fears, uncertainties, bad habits,

pressures, and cares that stand between you and a

closer walk with God —then praying in tongues is a

precious gift to take advantage of. It is a spiritual key

that will bring you rest and refreshing, unlock divine

mysteries, and build you up higher in God.


So as you launch yourself into a season of praying in

tongues, just remember that when-ever you hit any

kind of impasse, the best thing you can do is stay in

there. Even when your emotions start to fight you, even

when you feel antagonistic toward prayer and some

mysterious force is resisting every little effort to pray

—stay in there!

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You are approaching a critical point. You are about to

experience a spiritual “nuclear melt-down” — only the

things targeted to melt down are your fears, worries,

torments, pressures,lusts for wrong things, bondage to

poverty, anger, and strife.

Then when you have come through the impasse and

you’re standing on the other side, get ready to enjoy a

breakthrough in that area you’ve been believing for.

You’ve persevered in prayer, and now you’re ripe for a





As you yield yourself to My Spirit,then My Presence will

work in you,illuminating you and searching the inward

parts of your belly that you might understand what My

will is. I will lead you beside the streams of water. I will

sink your root system deep that you might manifest the

kind of fruit that is born of My Spirit.So hear what the

Spirit would say, because in that day many shall cry.But

you shall be established on the rock of doing My

sayings.You will be one whom I can move through.



LB here now, just want to say thanks for all the prayers and $ support shown to me these last few weeks as I underwent a successful prostate surgery.

No cancer was found, and I can void normally after 8 years of struggling with an enlarged prostate.

About half of the cost has come in and if you want to help some with the rest you can make a donation at the link below.


also this is the last pod GODCAST

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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


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Mr. Self, the King Cockroach —The Last One To Go



We’ve seen that it’s not always easy to endure through

this sanctification process. As the Holy Spirit searches

the inmost reaches of your heart, He’ll pull some things

out of the darkness for purging that you won’t want to

deal with. Those are the times when your emotions can

go wild, causing you to hit an impasse in prayer.


It reminds me of an experience I once had while staying

in a cheap motel. (When I first entered the full-time

ministry, you should have seen some of the motels that

churches put me in. The bathroom was down the hall,

and the telephone was down the street!)

Image result for shabby hotel

When I first came into the dark motel room, I felt for a

light switch on the wall. But there wasn’t one — only

dirt streaks on the wall where everyone else had also

looked for it.

Image result for shabby hotel

So I walked across the floor, looking for the ceiling

light’s pull cord. As I walked, I heard this strange

“crunch, crunch” sound. I reached the light cord and

pulled. All of a sudden, all these little creatures of the

night started to run in every direction. It was a bunch

of cock-roaches, all scurrying for the cover of darkness

(except for the trail of dead ones I had stepped on!).

Image result for floor full of cockroaches

I’ve thought about that horde of cockroaches and their

frantic desire for darkness. It reminds me of the deeds

of the flesh in our lives that shrink from being exposed

by the light of the Word and the Spirit. And for the sake

of teaching, I’m going to extend that true story now into

a parable.

After watching the cockroaches hurry to find cover, I

looked around the room. There on the counter, where

week-old food still gathered mold, sat a rat. This rat was

big! He had an entire kitty-cat tail hanging out of his


Image result for big rat

But what caught my interest was the little collar and

chain leash that was around the rat’s neck. My eyes

followed the little chain to its other end, and there

stood a cockroach holding the chain with one of his six

legs. You should have seen this cockroach! He was

huge! Not only that, but he was wearing a “Super bug”

outfit with a big “S” on his chest!

I looked at this cockroach, and he looked at me. Then he

said, “Watch this.” He jerked on the chain and said to

the rat, “Roll over.” That rat just meekly obeyed and

rolled over!

Image result for dead rat

“I’m bad, I’m real bad!” the cockroach boasted.

I said, “Yeah, well, I’ve heard about you, Mr. Cockroach,

and I’m ready for you. I have a can of spiritual Raid!”

Image result for spiritual raid bug spray

“Oh, yeah?” the cockroach said, “Well, I’ve lived in the

penthouse of your life for a long time,and if you think

I’m afraid of your praying in tongues, I’m going to show

you right now how bad I can whip you! I’m King

Cockroach, and I’ve kept the ceiling on your life all

these years.It has gone no further in God, and it isn’t

going any further now!”

Image result for king cockroach

“Oh, yeah?” I challenged.

“I’m the love of money,” King Cockroach continued.

“I’m the lust of other things. I’m the flesh that keeps

you from getting out of bed to pray. I am the one that

trades programs for prayer so that your ministry will

never be anything. And you think you can whip me,

boy?”“Yes, I do!


I’ve heard about you, but I have my Raid bug spray!” So

King Cockroach put on his boxing gloves, and we went

at it. Spray — “You missed me!”Spray, spray — “Missed


Then I sprayed him right in the face. The force of the

spray blasted his hair back. But he just licked his lips

and said, “Boy, that’s good stuff! I’m a high bred

cockroach, and I have a date tonight, so give me

another shot!”

Related image

What is this parable talking about? Well, when you

start edifying yourself through praying in tongues, the

Holy Spirit causes the lit candle of your reborn human

spirit to burn brighter and brighter. The more you pray,

the more the Holy Spirit is going to illuminate those

things hidden in darkness.

Every time you move from one realm to a higher realm

in God, the “cockroaches” — the deeds of the flesh that

have hindered you in your walk with God — are going

to scream and run for the cover of darkness. Then one

by one they will die as your reborn human spirit purges

them by the power it has received through edification

from the Holy Spirit.

Image result for dead cockroach

Finally, you’ll make it to the penthouse of your life.

That’s where ole King Cockroach, Mr.Self himself, sets

up his residence. He’s the last one to go, and, boy, can

he put up a fight!

Image result for knockout punch

After long seasons of praying in tongues, I finally

reached the penthouse of my life. Mr.Self, the King

Cockroach, put on his boxing gloves and started to fight

my emotions. It was tough!

Why is Mr. Self the last one to go? Because you’re either

going to fall out of prayer, or you’re going to give up the

thing you love more than God — and “self” is the thing

your flesh loves most!

Related image

So one of two things will happen: You’ll stop praying, or

you’ll kill the King Cockroach,because you can’t coexist

with both of them. Your emotions will tell you, “Don’t

turn loose of Self,” but as you keep praying in tongues,

your edified spirit will tell you that you must.

Teenager holding a bible

Your emotions can become so strong in this internal

battle that you feel as if you’d like to do anything else

but pray. That’s the impasse you have to push through.

When you make it to that point, just stay in prayer;

you’re about to put King Cockroach to death. And when

you do,your life and your ministry will rise to a new

level of anointing!



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