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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


What You Have That the Old Testament Saints Didn’t

As you begin to pray out the mysteries of Christ in other

tongues, what happens? You open up the channel. Now

you can experience direct communication with God —

something the Old Testament saints longed for but

couldn’t experience.


Jesus said concerning John the Baptist that there had

never been born of a woman a greater prophet than

John (Matt. 11:11). I read that years ago and thought,

How can that be? What about Elijah? John the Baptist

didn’t have the miracles in his ministry that Elijah had.


I thought Elijah was quite a great prophet. Think about

what he accomplished in his ministry: raising the dead,

stopping armies with fire from Heaven, flying off in a

chariot. Those are some great exploits! But Jesus said

that John the Baptist was greater. Why? John didn’t

perform miracles. All he did was eat wild locusts and

honey and tell people to repent.

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So why would Jesus say that about John the Baptist?

Because of all the prophets under the Old Covenant,

this man had more knowledge of Christ than any of

them. God chose him to be the forerunner who would

preach about the coming Messiah.

Then Jesus made an even more remarkable statement.

He said that the least in the Kingdom of God is greater

than John the Baptist! Imagine — Mary Wallpaper and

Joe Public are greater than the greatest prophet under

the Old Covenant!

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Why is that? Because the prophets of old weren’t born

again. They hadn’t received the new nature or the

baptism in the Holy Spirit. They didn’t have unlimited

access to God. But as a tongue-talking, praying

believer, you do!

When we were born again and received the nature of

God, the most important thing we received was the

capacity to understand spiritual things. That’s why

Heaven sent us the Teacher of all teachers to come and

make sure we attained the discernment, wisdom, and

understanding of everything that God is.


I have the Teacher living inside of me, and my channel

is open. Now He is going to teach me how to go all the

way in to attain the highest God has for me.

He has bypassed all the trash in the soul and the flesh

and has deposited Himself in my “power plant,” my

spirit man. Now He says, “I want to teach this man his

authority in Christ. He keeps praying in tongues, so he

must want Me to teach him about it!

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“So I’m going to bring his new nature forward with all

the authority that has been given to him. And anything

in the flesh or soul realm that gets in the way is going to

end up looking like it’s in the undertow of the Titanic!”

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they said: even god could not sink the titanic, they forgot about an iceberg

The Four Ways The Holy Spirit Communicates

Having located the channel through which God speaks

to us, let’s discuss the four basic ways the Holy Spirit

uses that channel to communicate.

First, He communicates by the inner witness.

The Bible says that the Kingdom of God, which is within

us, is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost

(Rom. 14:17). The Holy Spirit who dwells inside of us is a

continual Source of absolute peace. He will continually

pour His peace throughout our being if we will let Him.

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Therefore, the inner witness is often manifested as a

disruption to that flow of God’s peace,alerting us to a

wrong turn, a problem, an obstacle, etc.

Second, the Holy Spirit communicates by revelation.

The reason God communicates with our spirit and not

our physical mind or intellect is that our spiritual mind

has the capacity to receive and store millions of bits of

information per second. That kind of reception is in

God’s class!

When the Holy Spirit speaks to us in our native

language, He has slowed Himself down to ultra-slow

motion, such as the way a camera is set when filming a

plant’s growth. That’s what it’s like for the Holy Spirit

when He has to slow down to speak to us in the

language we understand.

So the Holy Spirit loves to communicate by revelation.

He likes to encapsulate an entire revelation and send it

through that same channel. All of a sudden, the

revelation hits your spirit and explodes outward. You

receive the entire revelation in a hundredth of a


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For instance, you may be praying in the Holy Ghost,

meditating on the Word regarding a pressing problem

in your business. All of a sudden a revelation capsule

explodes inside and you exclaim, “My gosh! I know

what to do for the next ten years! And I got it in half a


So you call all your business partners together, and it

takes you fifteen days to lay out the plan you received

in a half a second by revelation. Why? Because your

spirit has to feed one little piece of revelation

knowledge at a time to your intellect, which then

converts it to your native language.

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Do you want to increase these types of experiences in

your life? Then spend time praying in the Spirit. You

will keep the channel wide open and promote peace

and edification in every area of life.

Third, the Holy Spirit communicates by the audible voice.

You may be thinking about something else, when

suddenly He says something in your spirit that seems

audible to you. You hear it as clearly as if someone

were standing next to you speaking.

I wish God would communicate to me this way all the

time so I could hear Him that clearly. But He doesn’t. In

fact, I have only heard God audibly one time in my

entire life — at the Kathryn Kuhlman meeting that I

related earlier. He called my name three times and

then said something to me about my ministry.

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Other than that one time, the Lord has always

communicated to me inside of my spirit. I twas just a

matter of developing my ability to know when it was

Him and when it wasn’t.

The fourth and less common way that the Holy Spirit communicates is by vision.

For example, the Lord sometimes communicates to me

through what I call “teaching visions.” These types of

visions assist me at times in understanding the Word of


I usually only receive these teaching visions when I am

praying in tongues while meditating on the Word, or

when a strong anointing comes on me as I’m testifying

or preaching. When the visions occur, they explode

across my mind with lightning speed.

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So whether by inner witness, revelation, audible voice,

or vision, the Holy Spirit always communicates through

the same channel — that supernatural doorway into

another world. Our part is to open that channel by

praying in the Holy Ghost so we can begin to learn how

to discern the voice of God.




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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


Identify the Channel of Communication


In the natural, you don’t hear with your ear one day

and with your big toe the next. In the same way, your

spiritual anatomy isn’t designed for God to

communicate with different parts of your spirit man

depending on what day it is. Every time God talks to

you, He will communicate through the same channel.

Therefore, if you can isolate and identify that channel,

you can open a door to a spiritual treasure house that

no man can close.

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When we hear God’s voice, it seems as if it comes from

somewhere deep down in the center of our being and

rises to our mind. Most of us have enough sense to

know it doesn’t originate in our natural mind; it comes

up to our mind.

I always wondered where that deep inner well was that

God’s voice came from. I wanted to discover how to

uncap and monitor it so I could listen to the Holy Spirit

on purpose, just because I wanted to hear Him.

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Well, in First Corinthians 14:14, it says that if I, Dave

Roberson, pray in an unknown tongue, my human spirit

is doing the praying under the influence of the Holy

Spirit. I came to realize that if that’s true, then

somewhere within my spirit the Holy Spirit has to bring

that supernatural language into existence and then

deposit it in my spirit. A transfer of those tongues has

to take place from the Person of the Holy Spirit to my

human spirit. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be me doing the


The Lord once gave me an inner vision to show me how

the Holy Spirit transfers His super-natural language to

my spirit. In the vision, I saw the outer man and the

inner man. The outer man, the fleshly man, was the

darkest of the figures. The soul was another shade

lighter, and the spirit man was absolutely light.

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I saw the Holy Spirit literally creating or bringing into

existence His supernatural language in my spiritual

mind, which was actually encased within the natural

mind of my outer man.

What science has labeled the subconscious is actually

the spiritual mind. Scientists say that it possesses

incredible ability that far exceeds the operational

capacity of the physical brain.

So when the Holy Spirit creates His supernatural

language in you, those tongues originate way down

deep in your spirit and then come up into the recesses

of your spiritual mind, which lies within your physical

mind. This explains the fact that when the Holy Spirit

speaks, it is not a surface speaking. It comes from the

depths of that spiritual mind and bursts outwardly into

your intellect.

That’s why if you don’t let the tongues come out of your

mouth, those supernatural words will bypass your

mouth and drift up to your thoughts, and you’ll “hear”

the tongues in your natural mind.

Now, as long as you let the supernatural language that

the Holy Spirit creates come out of your mouth, your

mind is free to think of other things. For instance, I’ve

made it a regular practice to read the Word while I pray

in tongues.


But what if you stop that flow and stop speaking those

tongues out? Can you pray in tongues in your mind? Not

effectively, because you actually complete the channel

of prayer by allowing the Holy Spirit’s language to come

out of your mouth.

If you don’t speak out that language (and it can be just a

quiet whispering under your breath), eventually your

mind will shift over to something else and dismiss the

tongues, and you’ll find you have stopped praying. You

have cut short the flow of prayer coming through God’s

channel of communication.


The Door to Another World


When you pray in tongues, you immediately put

yourself in the Spirit, because you open the door to

another world. You have opened the channel to your

own human spirit, giving your-self direct contact with

the Holy Spirit. So let’s isolate the door through which

God’s voice comes so you can recognize when He is

speaking to you.

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After the vision that showed me how the Holy Spirit

transfers His language to the human spirit, the Lord

instructed me to do something very unusual. (During

this experience, I was under a heavy anointing,

unaware of my physical surroundings. It sounded like

His voice was coming from everywhere.)

He said, “Son, now I want you to learn to locate the

channel through which I communicate with you.” (Most

of us operate out of that channel without any idea

where it is!)

Then the Lord instructed me, “Pray in tongues for a

while.” I obeyed until He told me to stop. Then He said,

“Now listen.”

As I kept quiet and listened, the tongues continued to

come up from my spirit and explode across my

intellect. Even though I wasn’t speaking the tongues out

of my mouth, I could “hear”them loud in my mind. I

realized then that the channel through which the Holy

Spirit creates His supernatural language is the same

channel through which He brings revelation,

visions,prophecy, and so forth, to my mind.


Get Acquainted With God’s Channel Of Communication


I’ll tell you the truth — the only reason I can teach on

these matters in detail is that the Holy Spirit taught

them first to me in detail. And He couldn’t have done

that unless the channel of communication between me

and God had opened up so I could accurately discern

His voice.

You see, it is as you pray in tongues that the channel is

actually opened through which God communicates.

This is what happens when tongues for interpretation

operates. The tongues open the channel for what is

about to come. Once that channel is open, the Holy

Spirit can send the interpretation through in the same

manner He sent the tongues.

Then the more you pray in the Holy Ghost, the more

familiar you become with that channel and the greater

your ability to recognize when God comes across the

same channel with a vision or with revelation

knowledge in your native language.

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As you consistently give yourself to praying in tongues,

that channel of communication will become

increasingly clear and definite. You’ll find it easier and

easier to enter into the rest of faith as you learn to shut

out the world and hear the voice of God within. It won’t

be long before you’ll immediately know the difference

between mental energy and the inspiration of the Holy



But if you’re not consistently allowing the Holy Spirit to

create that supernatural language in your spirit as you

speak it out of your mouth, it will become much more

difficult to shut out The external circumstances. You

won’t find it easy at all to monitor your spirit for what

God maybe saying to you.


As I faithfully kept praying in tongues, I learned how to

listen to that channel. I know now where His voice

comes from. I know where visions come from that burst

suddenly across my mind. I also know where revelation

knowledge comes from, because all of these things

originate in the same part of my spirit.

I know how to shut down in the middle of all kinds of

chaos and monitor that channel through which God

communicates. I may receive an inner witness, a check

or warning signal, or a vision. I may hear Him speak to

me in English. No matter what turmoil is going on

around me, I can shut it out and wait for whatever I

need to come through that channel of divine

communication — and you can do the same!

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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


The Channel Through Which The Holy Spirit Speaks


We can never receive enough teaching on an

intellectual level to make us victorious in

life. Therefore, if we don’t learn to fellowship with the

Godhead in the realm of the Spirit, we will never

progress very far in fulfilling our divine call.


We’ve seen that it’s our awesome privilege to have the

third Person of the Godhead living inside us to oversee

God’s plan for our personal lives. But in order to take

advantage of the Holy Spirit’s expert leadership, we

have to understand how He communicates with us as

we pray in other tongues.


You see, the Holy Spirit always speaks through the same

channel. We need to become familiar with that channel

so we can differentiate His voice from every other

voice, thought,and impression.


First, we must understand that God always communes

with our spirit. If we don’t know how to identify the

difference between God communing with our spirit and

the devil fooling with our mind, we will walk in the

wrong direction most of the time. Why? Because the

devil has studied mankind for six thousand years, and

he has learned some unique ways to set us up and keep

us walking around in circles in our lives.

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—————-The Spirit, Soul, and Body of Man——————-

In order to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit in your

daily life, you first have to understand the operation of

the spirit, soul, and body of man.

I have sat under many teachers on this subject. Most

isolate all the verses they can pertaining to the spirit,

the soul, and the body. Then they may draw three little

circles on a chalk-board and outline the characteristics

of the three parts of man, saying, “This is your

spirit.This is your soul. And this is your body.

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I didn’t have too much trouble understanding the

operation and characteristics of the body. But I had a

hard time grasping the difference between the soul and

the spirit.

According to the great Bible teachers of our day, the

soul consists of a person’s mind or intellect, his will,

and his emotional faculties. It is the part of man that

needs to be renewed by the Word. I totally agreed with

this. And I knew that when man’s spirit departs from

his body, his soul goes with him. But beyond that, I

couldn’t quite understand how man’s spirit fit into the


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So as I tried to understand this subject, I asked God,

“Lord, what is the difference between me and a dog?”

Now, I like dogs, but they don’t have a spirit. They don’t

go to Heaven the way people do.

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Animals do exist in Heaven, but they didn’t go from

here to there. They were created in Heaven. They live

there. As far as anyone knows, animals born here on

earth just return back to the dust after they die. But

evidently, dogs do have a soul, because they have

intellect, emotions, and a will. So what is the difference

between a dog’s soul and mine? It is this: My soul finds

immortality within an immortal spirit.

When God created my emotions, my will, and my

intellect, He held these forces in His hand and said,

“This is the soul of man.” But within what confines

would He house these forces that make up the essence

of who I am?

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This is where the operation of the spirit came in. God

created these forces that make up the soul and placed

them in an eternal substance called the spirit. It is the

immortal spirit encompassing the soul that gives the

soul its eternal nature.

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—————-Characteristics of Man’s Spirit———————

We can gain some insight into the spirit of man by

looking at what Jesus said in Luke16:19-22:

There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in

purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every


And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which

was laid at his gate, full of sores, And desiring to be fed

with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table:

more-over the dogs came and licked his sores.

And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was

carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich

man also died, and was buried.

Even though the rich man died and was buried — even

though his flesh or his body was in the grave — in verse

23 it says that his spirit went somewhere else:

And IN HELL he lift up HIS EYES, being in torments, and

SEETH Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his


Image result for the rich man and lazarus

There it is in black and white — the spirit man has


Notice it also says that the rich man was “in torments.”

That is speaking of strong emotions. So the rich man’s

spirit man also had emotions.

Now look at verse 24:

And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on

me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his

finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am

tormented in this flame.

My goodness, people in Heaven have fingers, and

people in hell have tongues! We better think about this

for a moment. Either our spirit man possesses all the

rest of the body parts as well, or there is a bunch of

spiritual tongues and eyeballs lying around in hell

while spiritual fingers float around Heaven!

It stands to reason that if my spirit man has a spiritual

finger, tongue, and a pair of eyes, he also has every

other body part as well. That is basic.

Image result for the spirit man

In fact, let’s take it a step further. If I were to separate

my inner man from my outer man and leave the two

standing next to each other, my physical body and my

spirit man would look a lot alike  except for the fact

that my spirit would be without defects. In fact, all the

defects that were programmed into the human race

when Adam fell would be gone.

Now, if my outer man were to hold up his finger and

say, “What is my finger made out of?”you would say,

“It’s made out of flesh.” If you answered in more detail,

you’d say, “It’s made of cells, blood, bone, and many

small compounds.”

Well, if my physical man is made out of physical

material that you can name, what about my spirit man?

What if my inner man held up his finger — which the

passage in Luke 16 proves the spirit man has — and

asked, “What is my finger made out of?” You would

say,“Well, uh, a heavenly substance. Hmmm, let’s see

—spirit.” You wouldn’t be able to break it down any


So my inner man fills my outer man finger for finger,

hand for hand, arm for arm, leg for leg. I have physical

eyes and spiritual eyes. My spiritual eyeball fills my

physical eyeball.

Image result for spirit man leaving my physical body

Let’s take this a step further. Within my inner man is

the nature of the new creation, containing such

spiritual forces as love, peace, joy, and dominion. The

inner man is my stabilizer in life. He never fluctuates

up and down. His only inclination is to go up higher in

the realm of God.

The part of me that fluctuates between up and down is

the emotional make-up of my soul through which my

spirit man operates. My emotions want to go to the

highs of extreme happiness one day and to the lows of

deep depression the next. But my spirit man never

wants to go anywhere but up into the high places with


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My inner man fits into my outer man, and one day my

old outer man is going to say, “I quit.” At that moment, I

— my spirit man — will step out of my body and go

home to Heaven. It will be glorious!So I have a spiritual

brain that fits into and operates through my natural

brain in this physical body. It is within my spiritual

brain that the soul is housed.








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coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH


Watering the Seed of God’s Plan

Don’t you wish there was a Book of Roberson, a Book of

Larry….(insert your name!), that followed the Book of

Revelation? If there was, I could look up the chapter

that represented the particular year I was living: “Let

me see, this is the fifty-third year of my life, so I’ll turn

to the fifty-third chapter. Look here, I’m supposed to go

to this city and preach at this church next month. Glory

be to God, thank You, Father, for the Book of Roberson

that has Your plan for my life in it!”

Image result for book of larry

There is no such book in the Bible. But such a book does

exist! The moment you were born again and the Holy

Spirit came to dwell within you, that book was

deposited on the inside of your spirit. That book is

God’s perfect will for your life in seed form.

Image result for watering the seed

On the inside of that seed is the “DNA” programming

for God’s entire plan for you. And if you’ll yield to the

Holy Spirit, He will bring forth its contents, causing it to

grow into a strong, deeply rooted tree of blessing and

divine purpose. He will continually work God’s plan,

searching your heart moment by moment and praying

the will of God for your life way out ahead of you.

Image result for deep rooted tree

You see, the leadership of the Holy Spirit is not a whim

or a passing thought. When you’re following His

direction, your life will not be like this: “Oh, I think God

wants me to go to that city tomorrow.” Then the next

day, “Oh, I’m not sure whether or not He wants me to

go.” And the following day, “Oh, I think He really does

want me to go.”


The Holy Spirit doesn’t run things the way a natural

man does. He doesn’t play with your life. He is out for

your success! But you have to cooperate with Him by

allowing Him to pray through you.


When Jesus said that out of your innermost being shall

flow rivers of living water (John7:38), He was speaking

of the Holy Ghost. So the more you pray in the Holy

Ghost, the more you water the seed that contains God’s

plan. As you continue to pray and sow to the Spirit, you

will eventually reap from the Spirit, for the seed will

sprout and grow into the will and the direction of God

for your life. The more the seed grows, the more

prevalent God’s plan will become.

Image result for watering the seed

As you continue to walk after the Spirit, that divine

direction will become so strong in your life that it will

be almost impossible for you to walk in the wrong

direction. God’s direction will no longer be hard to

catch; it will be hard to miss. You will literally have to

get past God to fail!

Image result for this is the way walk in it

God’s wisdom and guidance will gradually consume and

overtake you, until the voice of the Holy Spirit becomes

louder than the enemy who surrounds you with

adverse circumstances and proclaims you are going to

fail. And at every level of God’s plan that you attain, the

anointing of His Spirit will be there to give you the

grace to fulfill His perfect will.


I’m telling you, the devil is so afraid that you’re going to

get hold of this message and run with it. I don’t think

you have any idea how afraid the devil is of prayer. You

see, he knows he has only one chance to keep you from

fulfilling the purpose you were born to fulfill: He has to

get you out of prayer so that you stop allowing the Holy

Spirit to work God’s plan for you. Other than that

strategy, the devil doesn’t have a chance, because

greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world

(1 John 4:4)!

Related image

‘Well Done’

So why is it so vitally important that you learn how to

release the power of the Holy Spirit in your life to walk

in God’s perfect will? Because just as sure as you

breathe, at the appointed moment in God’s time scale

that all creation has longed for, Jesus will split the

eastern sky at the sound of a great trumpet.

Image result for jesus return

On that day, when you behold Jesus face to face, what

will He say to you? Will you be able to stand there

knowing that you chose to believe in God enough to

abandon your life to Him while it still made a

difference? If so, you will hear the words, “You did a job

well done, My good and faithful servant.”


I’m trying to help you understand the value of the

Lamb’s reward for fulfilling your call.On the day you

stand before the Master, you will trade everything you

possess for just one nod of approval, one look from His

eyes, that says, “Well done.” You will trade it all to know

that He knows the hell you went through to give your

whole life to your call; He sees the multitudes you took

home to Heaven with you. Nothing can replace that


Image result for heavens reward

Someone may say, “But I don’t have time to pray.” Of

course, you don’t, because you’ve never taken your

Holy Ghost “calculator” and calculated what your lack

of prayer has cost your character and your life. If you

ever did, you’d say instead, “I don’t have time not to



Whatever you are not doing, you are not doing it

because you don’t want to. If you aren’t praying as you

should, the reason is simple: you don’t want to.


“Well, I have a career. I don’t have time to pray that

much.” But you are in that situation because it is what

you chose.“Can I have a career and a strong prayer life

as well?” You don’t know what a career is until you

release the Holy Spirit to help you fulfill it by His


Image result for busy with career

You have a call. No one else has it. God would have to

arrange something else for the Body of Christ if you

failed to find and fulfill what God has called you to do.

Image result for body part missing

But you can find your divine call. You’re still on this

earth; you’re still breathing. You still have the

opportunity to release the Holy Spirit in prayer to help

you find and fulfill God’s perfect will for your life. Are

you going to let your lazy flesh cheat you out of hearing

those words,“Well done”? I don’t think so!





For you desire to be led by the Spirit.You desire to be

led from this natural place to that natural place.But

know this: Long before I lead you to be a force for Me in

the natural,I begin to lead you in the spiritual.For I lead

you from glory to glory,from a place of unrest to a place

of rest so that when I give you what I would have you

do, it will stand the fire and pass the test.So enter into

My grace.You have yet to experience the best that I

have. For it is a place of rest, saith the Spirit of Grace.

(word given by the HOLY SPIRIT thru DAVE ROBERSON)


until next time




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